英语六级翻译预测及译文 备考生快准备起来
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中囯政府宣布每年的8月8日为“全民健身日”(National Fitness Day),推动全民健身。这一举动不仅在全国范围内普及了健康理念,还使人们锻炼的方式更加多样化。每天早晨,喜欢户外运动的老年人会聚集(congregate)在公园里锻炼身体,如打太极拳(tai chi)、跳彩带舞(ribbon dancing)等。公园里那些低冲击力的公共健身器材和新鲜的空气十分适合他们。相反,年轻人则发起了一股室内健身热潮。比起户外活动,他们更喜欢选择华丽的健身房。在他们看来,健身房既时尚又充满动感。


The Chinese government announced the annual August 8 as the “National Fitness Day” to promote physical activities throughout the country. This move not only popularizes the concept of keeping fit around the nation, but also diversifies the methods of taking exercise. Every morning, senior citizens who are in favor of outdoor activities congregate in the park to do exercise, such as tai chi, ribbon dancing, and the like. Low-impact public fitness facilities and fresh air in the park suit them well. On the contrary, young people initiate an indoor fitness fad. They prefer fancy gyms to outdoor activities. In their eyes, fancy gyms are not only fashionable but also dynamic.




For over 3,000 years Feng Shui has been practiced in China. Early Chinese people who practiced Feng Shui were responsible for finding the area that was used to build homes and creating their villages. The areas they found were called Belly of the Dragon because they were above areas that were prone to flooding and below areas of high winds. This is what is meant by achieving the balance of wind and water. Once they found the right spot for building, the Feng Shui master would oversee the construction of the house so that it did not interfere with the natural elements of the area. Feng Shui uses the solar system, the earth, and a person's birth date to calculate the best directions for a person to live and work.




In China, as with any culture, there are rules and customs on what is appropriate and what is not when dining in a restaurant or in someone's home. Learning the appropriate way to act and what to say will not only help you feel like a native, but also will make those around you more comfortable, and focus on you, instead of your interesting eating habits. Don't stab your chopsticks into your bowl of rice. Buddhists think, placing two chopsticks down in a bowl of rice is what happens at a funeral. Do not play with your chopsticks, or drum them on the table - this is rude. When setting down your chopsticks, place them horizontally on top of your plate, or place the ends on a chopstick rest.






Beijing is going to invest 760 billion yuan in next three years to control pollution, beginning with cutting down the emission of PM 2.5. This newly announced project aims to reduce four major sources of pollution, including exhaust from 5,000 thousand motor vehicles, coal-burning in surrounding areas, sandstorms from the north and local construction dust. Another 85 billion yuan is used to build or upgrade the facilities of disposing garbage and sewage of the city. In addition, 30 billion will be used to support forestation programs in next three years.

The municipal government also plans to construct some plants to use cycle water to ban illegal constructions and to modify the environment. Furthermore, Beijing will punish those who violate the rules of emission-reduction more severely.






China is playing an increasingly important role in assisting the international community to eliminate extreme poverty before 2030. Since China’s launch of the reform and opening-up policy in the end of 1970s, China has lifted more than 400 million people out of poverty. In the next five years, China will provide aid to other developing countries in many aspects, including poverty alleviation, education, agricultural modernization, environmental protection and medical care.

China has made prominent progress in alleviating poverty and has made unremitting efforts to promote economic development, which will encourage other poor countries to address challenges in their own development. These countries can draw upon China’s experience when pursuing their own development path with distinctive features.